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Pokemon World Tournament TEAM :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 Pokemon Adventure KANTO :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 2 0 Rio 2016 Alexa Moreno :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 2 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 10 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 09 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 08 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 07 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 1 Pokemon Challenge Day 06 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 05 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 0 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 04 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 0 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 03 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 0 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 02 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 2 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 01 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 0 0 pkmn team SUPERSINGLES :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 SailorGalaxia WOLF :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0 SailorVenus AMBERZ :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 0 1


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Pokemon World Tournament TEAM
This was my team for the PWT in B2W2, they were victorious so I made them this drawing.
Dragonite was my bulky kinda-fast physical sweeper.
Chandelure my special sweeper
Ferrothorn my hazard, stalling, shield.
...i'm still thinking in which nicknames give them.....maybe Dragonite as Tiamat or some dragonic name. Chandelure like Pyromancer or Hades. And still struggling with Ferrothorn.
Pokemon Adventure KANTO
This is a tribute to my very first time on the Pokemon World. My adventure at Kanto. At Blue version.
I was like 10-11 years old just like every other trainer. Choosing my very first pokemon, Squirtle. Building up a team and getting myself the very rare and powerful Dragonite as well (began my love for dragons) . Further gameplays and Yellow added to my team the other 2 starters as well.
Exploring, learning, evolving and becoming the most powerful trainer.
Rio 2016 Alexa Moreno
Este es un homenaje a una atleta olímpica, que como todo Mexicano su peor enemigo es otro Mexicano. Aunque yo demuestro la otra parte, que casualmente el mejor aliado de un Mexicano es otro Mexicano.
Durante los juegos, muchos artistas y diseñadores famosos y profesionales la dibujaron en homenaje. Yo no soy famoso, ni muy talentoso, pero queria poner mi parte a como diera lugar. Ojala la misma Alexa Moreno pueda verlo.
"Tus movimientos fueron ligeros y llenos de gracia, como la mariposa. Precisos, elegantes y con porte, como el colibri.  E imponentes, fuertes y llenos de orgullo como el mismo Quetzalcoatl. Nunca te rindas"
Pokemon Challenge Day 10
Day 10 "make a drawing using a technique you normally don't use"
watercolors!! I want to learn how to use them as they may come in handy for background coloring in my normal drawings.
the paper is not for watercolors though, so after tooooo much water and drying it crumbled a little in the blue parts.
And i wanted to draw Dragalge as I want to train one and put it in one of my teams.

Done and done.
finished the 10 days challenge.
Pokemon Challenge Day 09
Day 09 "celebrity/artist etc with 3 pokemon"
The most challenging of them all. I dont like actors or celebrities at all, not enough for drawing them with pokemon.
I had in mind Vincent VanGogh as one of my favorite artist, but then I was watching the new episodes from The X-Files and then I had the urge to draw her.
Dana Scully from the X-Files. (i super love her since i was 8 years old)
Elgyem since they search for extraterestrials
Audino as she's a doctor herself
Ekans as tribute for her ouroboros tattoo and the fact/theory she's inmortal.


LaloRiolu's Profile Picture
Edward Wolfram
Artist | Hobbyist
Never wondered "how would it be if I were this character?" or something like that before? That's why i draw, to make dreams a reality.
Selfish, Arrogant, Egocetric, Cold-hearted, but most important: Pride
I create dreams
I follow my Ideals and Truth
I am...... me.


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zanahoria? se pero puedo hace 108 cosas diferentes con una zanahoria :3
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