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PKMN trainer NEKO by LaloRiolu PKMN trainer NEKO :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 2 0 PKMN trainer HOSHI by LaloRiolu PKMN trainer HOSHI :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 6 1 PKMN trainer AMBERZ by LaloRiolu PKMN trainer AMBERZ :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 4 0 yugioh Dinomist Deck by LaloRiolu yugioh Dinomist Deck :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 Baby Metroid Plushie by LaloRiolu Baby Metroid Plushie :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 2 0 Luma Plushies by LaloRiolu Luma Plushies :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 5 1 Nyaromon Plush by LaloRiolu Nyaromon Plush :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 1 Pokemon Adventure JOHTO by LaloRiolu Pokemon Adventure JOHTO :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 4 0 Pokemon Adventure KANTO (ver. 2) by LaloRiolu Pokemon Adventure KANTO (ver. 2) :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 Pokemon Halloween2017 by LaloRiolu Pokemon Halloween2017 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 Pokemon World Tournament TEAM by LaloRiolu Pokemon World Tournament TEAM :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 5 0 Pokemon Adventure KANTO by LaloRiolu Pokemon Adventure KANTO :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 Rio 2016 Alexa Moreno by LaloRiolu Rio 2016 Alexa Moreno :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 3 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 10 by LaloRiolu Pokemon Challenge Day 10 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 09 by LaloRiolu Pokemon Challenge Day 09 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 2 0 Pokemon Challenge Day 08 by LaloRiolu Pokemon Challenge Day 08 :iconlaloriolu:LaloRiolu 1 0


Vendread Chimera by coccvo Vendread Chimera :iconcoccvo:coccvo 4 0 Relinquished Anima by AlanMac95 Relinquished Anima :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 34 37 The Keepers by AlanMac95 The Keepers :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 24 2 Fire Dragon by AlanMac95 Fire Dragon :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 36 26 Millennium [Artworks] by AlanMac95 Millennium [Artworks] :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 22 5 O_O by AlanMac95 O_O :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 26 5 Divine Magician Girl by AlanMac95 Divine Magician Girl :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 95 15 Millennium Items by AlanMac95 Millennium Items :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 50 7 Millennium-Eyes Restrict [2] by AlanMac95 Millennium-Eyes Restrict [2] :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 52 10 Duel at Twilight by TheLastHetaira Duel at Twilight :iconthelasthetaira:TheLastHetaira 6 21 Seiyaryu: Holy Dragon by winged-one Seiyaryu: Holy Dragon :iconwinged-one:winged-one 13 10 Zerimon and Conomon plush by Kegawa Zerimon and Conomon plush :iconkegawa:Kegawa 27 1 Sofa squid by CoraliaToys Sofa squid :iconcoraliatoys:CoraliaToys 17 2 Tokomon Plush V.1 by Dangochu Tokomon Plush V.1 :icondangochu:Dangochu 15 4 The TV world of Gex enter the gecko by alucardben69 The TV world of Gex enter the gecko :iconalucardben69:alucardben69 19 3 Silent Magician LV8 (anime) by serenade87 Silent Magician LV8 (anime) :iconserenade87:serenade87 14 0


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PKMN trainer NEKO
This is mi sister Neko as a Pkmn Trainer in her adventure beginning at Sinnoh. Starting with Piplup and her Umbreon (she evolved her Eevee a year before becoming a trainer, love is the key), catching many pokemon she likes in the way.  The Feebas she catches is almost at the end and evolved just to enter Pokemon contest, mainly.
Thoughful trainer, cares for others, more into contest than gym leader challenge. But still with lots to learn yet.
PKMN trainer HOSHI
This is mi sister as a trainer when she started at Hoenn. Chosing Torchic as starter, evolving her Eevee into Vaporeon almost right away, and in safarizone been extremely lucky with a Dragonair. ALso at MeteorFalls an encounter with Jirachi (one of her favs) and adding him to her team. She expects to become a descent trainer and descent contest coordinator. At the end she finds a Manaphy egg (one of her other favs) and takes care of it.
What makes you feel nostalgic at Hoenn or RSE?
your first team there?
This is a better-scanned-size-modified version of a previous drawing.
Its my cousin Amberz as a pkmn trainer in her adventure throught Johto (then Kanto) with some of her favorite pkmn in her team. She evolved her Eevee into Espeon.
Which pkmn team did you used in GSC? and in RBY? (or in remakes?)
yugioh Dinomist Deck
This is a tribute to one of my Yugioh decks: Dinomist.
I always liked dinosaurs since i was a kid, and the theme steampunk, machine and so as well.
So i wanted to give thanks to this deck for being an interesting deck, easy to use, practical and very powerful, and enjoying duels with them.
I will keep this deck, but also try my other decks to see if they give me what Dinomist did.
Baby Metroid Plushie
well the one with his containment capsule was a christmas gift from my sister like 3 or 4 years ago, she made it with some modified tutorials and so.
the other one i made it using her pattern.
I REALLY love the Metroid saga so it was a cool gift, it was when Other M debuted, actually (and i got also a Birdie plush from her as well)
These are my babies :3 <3 i love them.


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Edward Wolfram
Artist | Hobbyist
Never wondered "how would it be if I were this character?" or something like that before? That's why i draw, to make dreams a reality.
Selfish, Arrogant, Egocetric, Cold-hearted, but most important: Pride
I create dreams
I follow my Ideals and Truth
I am...... me.


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